Email Autoresponder

Email Autoresponder

Email Autoresponder is best described as an intelligent yet easy to manage email marketing software. It is used to send automated responses to the emails you receive. From the easy, “I am on leave” to highly customized HTML messages and newsletters can also be sent through the Email auto responder. Experts believe that Email Auto-responder is incredibly comprehensive and easy email marketing software that with outstanding designs and influential features can handle your communication and interactions, even when you are not there. Nowadays, almost all web hosting services plans include free auto-responder.

Key Features:

  • Resending unlimited times to failed recipients
  • Powerful Contact Lists Management
  • Quick way to import as well as export email address list files
  • Powerful HTML Editor: Flash, Images, Attachments.
  • Detailed log creation for all operations
  • Looping protection
  • Processes bounced emails

Addition Features with Email Auto-responder

  • Styled text support
  • Facility of creating text or HTML Email formats
  • Tag processing in subject
  • Sever custom-made user friendly mail accounts.
  • Easy support for International characters.

If a user signs up for a fresh web hosting account that includes the feature of email auto-responder, the web hosts ensures the set up of the auto responder immediately. Users can instantly enjoy the ease of getting contacted by e-mail with all their account access information. In addition, a personal account manager will also be assigned. Email auto-responder is a great communication tool for all e-commerce websites, business websites and even a few personal websites.

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