File Manager

File Manager

A file manager is an application or program available or bundled with respective web servers. A standard file manager accommodates a great bit of graphical user interface and is used to upload files and perform other file based operations across the server. Some of the most common operations that a standard file manager allows web hosting administrators or end users to perform are:

  • Create file
  • Open file
  • Edit file View file
  • Print file
  • Rename File
  • Move/ Copy/ Delete file
  • Search/find file
  • Modify file attributes etc.

File Manager

Some of the quite advanced file managers contain features like forward and back navigational buttons. In the growing age of internet, a web-based file manager allows users to store, manage and sharing files online through your favorite web browser. Zipping and unzipping utilities are now also available with certain file managers. These web based file manager applications are easy to install, configure and administrate.

Among other fascinating features of a standard file manager, Web Hosting Services India professionals rely on following:

  • Innovative and highly customizable user interface
  • Integrated with Active Directory and NTFS permissions.
  • Full HTTPS/SSL support.
  • Toolbar and different icons for every action.
  • Cross-Browsers software.
  • Download / Upload huge files with progress bar.
  • A built-in Photo Viewer
  • Reliable database functions and connections.
  • Support video/audio files and open them directly.

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