FTP Account Setup

Creating an New FTP account in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Every Web Hosting account needs the flexibility to create new FTP accounts from time to time. Given below is the easiest way to do it.

Login to your Cpanel and go to the front page. Now click on the icon marked as “FTP Manager”. In this section, you have to go to the option of “FTP Accounts” placed at the top. This will take you to the FTP Account Maintenance screen. Here you will see all FTP accounts that associated with your web hosting account. Now hit the link “Add Account” button. The step will request you to create the login name and password for the fresh FTP account. Ensure that your password is 6 to 8 alpha-numeric characters. Similarly, in the box for directory, you need to feed in the folder’s name that is inside of your public_html folder that you wish the new account to have access to.

Recheck all the boxes to ensure that have entered correct details and then hit the “Create” button. You will instantly get an alert that your new FTP account is created.

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