Hotlink Protection

Providing hotlink protection in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Hotlink protection saves your bandwidth from getting used to serve files when content from your site gets rooted on another site, ensuring the best Web Hosting Services.

The Process of Hotlink protection

  • Go on the HotLink Protection main page and click on Enable.
  • In order to permit special websites to hotlink to your site, you need to add the URL in the list of ‘URLs to allow access’.
  • Users can restrict direct access to some file extension by placing them into the text field below the ‘Block direct access for these extensions’ tab. If these file types are blocked then there would be no possible way to hotlink these types of files from your website, even if hotlinking is enabled.
  • In order to permit users to access the content by submitting the definite file’s URL into a browser, tick the checkbox.
  • Use the option of ‘Redirect request to this URL’ to request for content that can be redirected by a URL submission.
  • Finally, hit the ‘submit’ tab.

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