IP Address

IP Address

IP Address the identification that a computer or device (printers, routers, modems etc) use on a TCP/IP network. IP address has a format of 32-bit numeric address that is written as four numbers separated by dot. Each set of digits can between 0 and 225. As per the standard of communication, it is called Internet Protocol standard. In simple words, the IP address is just as your home address. Therefore, to receive mails, the specific address should be used or else, information cannot be received. It is important to note that IP addresses can either be assigned everlastingly for an Email server/Business server or a permanent resident or momentarily, from a pool of available addresses from your Internet Service Provider. Proper information on the subject is not only important for those seeking Web Hosting Services from a vendor but to everyone, who is taking Internet connection.

IP Address

Dynamic IP Address: Dynamic IP addresses are issued to the user from the group of addresses billed by the ISP or DHCP Server. The facility is best to meet the needs of multiple users who do not need to maintain same address all the time. A system gets this number automatically as it logs on to the network. Hence, users do not have to go through the challenges minutes details concerning network configurations.

Static IP Address: This is permanent and does not change ever. Almost, all Internet Service Providers offer single static IP or a block of static IP’s allocation at a price fixed on monthly basis.

IPv4:IPv4 consumption is humongous. Numerous network devices are using it. Today, countless computers access the Internet through IPv4. Experts are in the process of creating fresh pool of addresses.

IPv5: It is an experimental protocol for computers with Unix Operating System. Leaving behind the typical format, it has all odd-numbered versions. This was not available for the use of general public.

IPv6: When an IPv4 ages, IPv6 is considered.

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