Internet Service Provider ISP or Internet access Providers (IAP)) is the company that provides you with Internet services. For every personal and business access to the Internet, you need ISP. The service includes software package, username, and password and access phone number. Devices used in the process are modems and routers. As soon as the internet connection is set up, user can start browsing the web. Different modems are supposed to be used for broadband connect and dial connection. Normally, the device is provided by the ISP only. The services are rendered on the basis of monthly fee.

ISPs are no longer restricted for personal use or individuals. Nowadays, big enterprises also prefer to get a direct connection from the company’s networks to the Internet. Network Access Points or NAPs are used to keep connect ISPs with each other.

Do not Confuse ISP with your Web Host

  • Many people who are fresh to Internet as a technology, mistake ISP for Web Hosting Services provider. It is important to know that there is a major different in the set of their responsibilities.
  • An ISP gives you the access of Internet, whereas the web hosting service provider gives your website the access of Internet. Web host makes your website go live on the web.
  • Your ISP must be a company that renders service in your locality or geographic region. On the other hand, a web host can host your website from any corner of the world. An ISP provides Internet a wireless modem connection or a cabled internet, which is why people, who are always on move, do not prefer to take permanent Internet connection. Instead, they make use of free internet access points in airports, hotels, libraries and shopping malls.
  • And finally, the selection of an ISP may not be as long and complicated a procedure as selection of a web host. Good web hosting services are the outcome of numerous considerations and great market research.

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