Load Balancing Servers

Load Balanced Dedicated Servers

Load Balancing solutions by BrainPulse can be used to build complex virtual private networks of dedicated servers to meet specific requirements of web applications to establish high availability redundancy and scalability to your network. Via our Load Balancing services one can balance load of servers via distributing services requests made to a domain or IP address by setting different rule sets.

Load Balanced Dedicated Servers

How Does Load Balancing Works?

The load balancing hardware is some place called ‘load dispatcher’ / ‘network dispatcher’ or the ‘load balancer’. The load balancing mechanism that is employed for distributing service requests (HTTP, SSL, Mysql etc) is known as IP Spraying. The IP sprayer picks up each services request, and redirects the request to the appropriate server in the cluster based on the rules, providing scalability, load balancing and fail-over requirements.

When a server group has multiple web servers and if their is high HTTP traffic, a Load balacning solution can evenly distributed the request to multiple servers, while these servers appear as one web server to the web client.

Balanced Dedicated Servers India

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