Mailing Lists

Creating a Mailing List in Plesk Hosting Control Panel

By CPanel you can create mailing list which is owned by you. So if you want to have your own mailing list then visit on CPanel and have your own mailing list.

Let us learn to create a mailing list for your Plesk Web Hosting account.

  • Login to your Plesk account and click on Mail Accounts tab
  • Go to the Mailing Lists button and then click on the ‘Add New Mailing List’
  • Choose and type in a name for your new Mailing List
  • Submit an email address for this mailing list’s administrator
  • Hit OK and save settings
  • Your mailing list is created!

The process to add email addresses (or subscribers) to the mailing list

  • Go to the Add New Member tab and click on it.
  • Enter in the box the email address you want to add to the list.
  • Press OK

Your new email address is added successfully to your new mailing list.

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