Manage FrontPage Admin

Managing FrontPage Admin in Plesk Hosting Control Panel

Managing FrontPage Admin in cPanel is a whole procedure. The tutorial assumes that you have already logged into your cPanel Web Hosting account and are now at the Control Panel interface main screen.

  • Go to the Website Group and click on the Frontpage Webadmin
  • To add another FrontPage user, simply click the action ‘Add a user link”
  • One user set up for FrontPage is always available with administrative privileges (By default)
  • Type in a username and password for the new user
  • Choose the user role as per your requirement and Click ‘Add User’
  • And the new FrontPage user is now successfully added and listed.

    For further management

  • To delete a user(s), select his checkbox and click ‘Delete’
  • Click Ok to finally confirm the deletion
  • An alert will be received. Close the window to go back to the Plesk home page

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