Index Manager

Using index manager in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

The use of Index Manager in cPanel Web Hosting will define how a specific directory index will appear to viewers who access it.

  • Select the desired directory where you want to navigate your website’s contents with the help of pop-up window.
  • Click folder icon next to the directory name to navigate the Index Manager
  • Now go the directory that you want to change the indexing style for and click on its name.

Now cPanel will give your four choices as following:

Standard Indexing:
Contents show as filenames.
Fancy Indexing:
Appears the complete information about the files. For example: the size and time last modified.
Default System Setting:
The default given by your web host will be referred.
No Indexing:
No list of the contents of the directory will appear. Visitors will view a message mentioning that the contents are “forbidden.”
  • Select the option you wish to take and save it

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