Managing DNS zones

Managing your DNS Zones in Plesk Hosting control Panel

DNS Zones is the management desk of your domains and subdomains work. Plesk offers complete control over DNS zones to the users, provided their web hosting plans offers them the access to this feature.

  • Login to your control panel and go to the Websites & Domains section
  • Now click on DNS Settings
  • Now go for the option of Manage link placed adjacent to the subscription
  • To stop responding to any DNS requests for this domain, simply switch Off the DNS Service
  • Here you can add a record, modify the zone’s Start of Authority (or SOA) Record, or restore this zone to the server’s defaults.

  • To add a record, select the Record type
  • Now name your record with proper domain name and the IP address
  • To submit the page, hit OK
  • The DNS is created and now to save it to the live DNS zone used by the server, click ‘Apply’ to apply the changes.
  • All your changes are live now
  • Given down is the complete range of all the records in the domain’s DNS zone.
  • To edit entry’s link, simply click on it
  • To simply delete a DNS record(s), check its adjacent checkbox and click ‘Remove’
  • Click to confirm and then OK
  • To apply or abandon the changes, click Update or Revert respectively.

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