OScommerce Hosting

OScommerce Hosting

Get help to install and setup OsCommerce websites instantly at really surprising charges! We possess competent experience in providing managed OsCommerce Hosting Services and maintaining a steady and secure connection for your website with your customers. So take OsCommerce Hosting Services with us now and start selling products and services online, straight away.

Meeting the system requirements of OScommerce Hosting

  • XML Support
  • Pentium 4 2.8ghz CPU
  • PHP with support for MySQL and Zlib
  • Zend optimizer and Ioncube support
  • GD Lib support

We adeptly meet all the system requirements of OsCommerce Hosting and also ensure to provide our clients with all the hosting resources that may require for managing a successful website.

Bonus Features Offered

  • Customized server setup
  • Provision for load balancing and specific server software and configuration
  • Flexibility to add extra features and functionality on request
  • XML Support, GD support, Zend and Ioncube support
  • 24/7 Technical support from osCommerce experts

Hosted Open source Scripts

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