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Creating an Email Account in Outlook Express in Plesk Hosting

By End User Tutorials you will be able to create your own email account in Outlook Express. So what are you thinking of just come on End User Tutorial and have your own email account on Outlook Express.

  • Open Outlook Express, go to Tools and click on Accounts
  • First click on ‘Add’, and then on ‘Mail’ to launch the Internet Connection Wizard.
  • Enter the name you want to appear as and click ‘Next’
  • Now at the Internet Explorer Address page, enter the e-mail address, and press Next.
  • The step will launch the E-mail Server Names page, where you need to fill in some details.
  • Change “yourdomain” to the your domain’s name, and click Next
  • The step will take you to the Internet Mail Logon page where you need to enter your e-mail and password.
  • Hit Next, and then Finish
  • Go to the Tools menu, hit Accounts
  • Make a switch to Mail tab
  • Click on the e-mail account, and go to the ‘Properties’
  • Hit the Servers tab, and choose “My server requires authentication”
  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Use the same setting as my incoming mail server”
  • Press ‘OK’ and ‘Apply’

This is all you need to create an email account in Plesk Web Hosting account. For more detailed information and guide, please refer to out video tutorial.

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