Outlook Setting

Creating an email account in Outlook Express in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Since Outlook Express is the most user-friendly and advanced e-mail application, it can automatically get configured with the Cpanel, eliminating the amount of time utilized in the manual configuration. It is one of the most effortless and error-free tasks in the realm of Web Hosting accounts. All you need to have is a machine with Windows operating system.

Given below is the easiest guide to automatic configuration of Outlook with cPanel:

  • Login to your cPanel and go the Mail area
  • Hit on Add/Remove Accounts link in the Mail area
  • Now hit the Outlook (Express) AutoConfig button adjacent to the specified account.
  • A message window will appear, click OK
  • Now click to open the file from its present place radio button, and then hit the OK button on the File Download window.
  • Click ‘Yes’ to Registry Editor Window and replicate the process for the last window.

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