MySQL / PHPMyAdmin

Managing a database using phpmyadmin in Plesk Hosting

MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin can be managed easily as you can have it on CPanel without any hurdle.

  • Log into the Plesk Web Hosting account with your database username and password.
  • Or to access phpMyAdmin from the AccountCenter login to AccountCenter
  • Now click on your primary domain
  • Go to ‘Manage Databases’ and click on the Admin tab abreast your database.
  • Now phpMyAdmin will open in a new window.
  • Log into the Plesk web hosting account with your database username and password.
  • Now from the list given at the left side of the screen, choose the DataBase that you wish to use.
  • Pick the tables you want to use.
  • To optimize or repair, ensure to select ‘Check All’ option
  • From the “With selected” pull the dropdown menu, choose the action you wish to take

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