Post Office Protocol (POP)

Post Office Protocol (POP)

POP or Post office protocol is a basic standardized technique used to deliver e-mail messages. Often termed as POP3, its mail server receives e-mails and then sends them to you. It actually has the ability to filter your received emails and then deliver them into the respective folders. As soon as the user connects to the mail server to recover mails, the messages get downloaded from mail server into the hard disk.

Outlook (Windows) or Mail (Mac OS X)

On configuring your e-mail client, (Outlook for Windows or Mail for Mac OS X), users require to feed in the type of mail server that their e-mail account uses. In most cases, it is typically POP3. Some may have IMAP server. POP is preferred choice because it is a lot easier than IMAP which enables e-mail messages to be read and saved on the server. However, on the other hand, in order to have the ease of managing all the mails online, most “webmail” interfaces use IMAP mail servers.

The ever growing popularity of POP

POP is certainly quite popular. On grounds of its simplicity and highly supportive background, it runs on most mail servers. In order to have the right settings while configuring your mail program, it is must to check with your Internet Service Provider or Web hosting Services provider. The one who manages your mail account is responsible for these settings.

For those who run their e-mail account on a POP3 mail server, must ensure to type in the correct POP3 server address in their e-mail program settings. For instance, the POP3 will be somewhat like “” or “”, where abs will be your server’s name. Finally, in order to retrieve your mail, it is must enter a correct username and password as well.

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