Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

We redefine exceptional levels of performance, reliability, and service with our SLA. It manifests our promise to ensure utmost network reliability and performance, along with our committed server service level. Our combative SLA is designed to take care of all essential components required to maintain a website site up and running. In addition, it cites our responsibilities guarantees.


We guarantee availability of 99.9% network uptime in a specified month. The duration excludes the times scheduled for maintenance. On failing to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee, clients may request us for credits. Network uptime ensures ideal functioning of entire network infrastructure including its components counting as routers, switches, cabling etc. It does not cover services and software functioning on your server. We record Network Downtime which is when you (client) are unable to receive and transmit data.


BrainPulse ensures continuous backup for all web hosting customers. If our company’s web hosting services cause you any sort of data loss, then we take care of it. We restore a full on-server backup (maintained for a month) at absolutely no extra cost. However, this does not include complex backup restoration such as certain file extraction from one source and copying it to another.

In case a backup file goes missing and we fail to provide you with any other backup file of comparable usefulness then you request for a full refund of last month’s hosting fee. However, if you lose data on the grounds of poor functioning of third party software like cPanel/WHM then the company has the all the rights to refuse all liability for data loss.

Although we are equipped to maintain backup data, we encourage our clients to create and maintain their own full or partial backups at standard intervals. For this task, clients may use cpanel’s built-in Backup Manager.


BrainPulse combative SLA guarantees that its complete infrastructure systems incorporating power and HVAC systems, UPSs, PDUs and cabling will remain available 99.99% of the time in a given month. This excludes time specified for maintenance. Infrastructure downtime is calculated on unavailability of BrainPulse power and HV Ac systems and when a client posts trouble ticket with details on the unavailability of the power or HVAC systems. Infrastructure Downtime will not be considered if it occurs because of problems concerning to power supplies on client’s server.


Brainpulse takes full guarantee of frequently monitoring all the standard services running on the server. The exceptions are the third Party/non-standard softwares (custom softwares / modified softwares) or services functioning through the non-standard (third party / modified) softwares/packages. The company promises to provide smart technical support for all Standard Services via online customer support system.

Service Level Assurance Terms and Conditions

  • Every client at Brainpulse Technologies automatically gets covered by our SLA on buying a web hosting services. However, it remains valid only when we receive full payment prior to the due to date.
  • There is no extra charge levied on our SLA.
  • To request refund, clients must post their complaint to our customer service department within 7 days of a service interruption.
  • Our SLA does not cover delinquent customers and accounts dealing with late or partial payments

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