Setting up Crontab

Managing Crontab in Plesk Hosting control Panel

Crontab is a known element of the web hosting realm. Its purpose is to enable users with the task of automating their websites and running scripts for a specified amount of time. Let us now look at the process, required to be followed to to manage the Crontab in your Plesk Web Hosting account.

  • Login to the Plesk account and go to the tab ‘Domain’
  • Now go through the list and click the domain supposed to be managed
  • As the domain opens, click on Crontab
  • Now as per each user, manage the preferences
  • In Crontab, hit the Set button
  • Go to the ‘Add New Task’ tab and click on it
  • Now outline that you want to run, and when
  • At the bottom of the page, click OK
  • Your job is done!

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