Suspend hosting account

Suspending a Hosting Account in Plesk Hosting control Panel

Account Suspension is needed where the account of the customer is past due. It is also essential in situations where customers spam or abuse the server or violate the pre-defined and agreed upon terms of service.

  • Login to your Plesk Web Hosting Panel
  • Go to the Domain section and browse through the list to choose the exact domain required to be suspended
  • Turn to the Domains Plesk Panel Page
  • The account will be shown active
  • Hit the tab ‘suspend’ placed next to active
  • As the Domain web Hosting account suspends, a cross button will appear
  • Now to unsuspend, go to Unsuspend Icon and hit it
  • Your account will be activated again

It is important to note that ‘Account Suspension’ means that all your website FTP, Front Page ,Email and Database functions will discontinue working for the account.

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