Unique IP Address

Unique IP Address

An IP address is a unique set of 4 numbers that are assigned to every computer across a network. In illustrative and technical definition of the same it’s said that an IP address is a numerical representation of a website address. Mechanism of a unique IP address is pretty straight forward. When a user types a domain name in the browser, browser matches domain name to an IP address that’s already assigned to it. After proper authentication, it accesses the server at that IP address.

IP sharing has big shortcomings:

In one word, sharing an IP address invites higher chance of website outage at various occasions. Nowadays, most of the web hosting services providers run and accommodate thousands of websites onto one server. This deadly practice endangers the stability and functionality of every website running on the server.

Advantages of Unique IP address:

Increased stability and reliability for your website is the first and foremost advantage that a unique IP address to the organizations. If you own unique IP address, your website would not be affected by the functioning of other websites. For a website that deals in e-commerce based transactions, use of unique IP address is widely visible as a merchant isn’t accept payment by a credit without confirming the unique IP address of the buyer or vendor.

For SSL certificates, a unique IP address is always mandatory. Websites that run with unique IP addresses are more stable than shared IP addresses.

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