Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

With the advent of Virtual Private servers, web hosting services providers get an opportunity to partition the available hardware by a host operating system to enable other operating system run on it. This highly innovative technology offers a way to users to share server costs with other users but retains total control over your own applications running on the server. Within a web server, Virtual Private Servers run as isolated processes and offers in complete seclusion with guaranteed bandwidth, CPU, and disk space by the service provider.

Based on operating system, VPS are mainly of two types:

  • Linux VPS Hosting: A Linux VPS web hosting is created on a Linux platform that offers users compatible performance and access levels as a dedicated server gives. A full-fledged Linux VPS hosting supports advanced web features like PHP, MySQL, POP3 etc. Since Linux is an open source operating system Linux VPS packages are very cost effective in nature.
  • Windows VPS Hosting: As name implies Windows VPS service is offered on the Windows operating system platform. It offers a range of highly compatible services as dedicated server accommodates for the users. Windows VPS offers all the standard benefits of VPS web hosting India including increased performance, stability, flexibility and above all affordability.
  • Primary Benefits of Virtual Private Servers: Some of the standard benefits of Virtual Private Servers are illustrated below.
  • Root Access: It grants users complete control over the VPS account starting from primary configurations to software installations. 
  • Management and Support: VPS allows you to manage your own server.
  • Multiple Domain Hosting: Numerous VPS providers offer an opportunity to host multiple websites without performance issues.
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