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Managing webmail in cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Webmail management in cPanel Web Hosting account is an important component. Here’s an easy way to manage your webmail.

  • Login to your cpanel and go to the icon of ‘Mail’
  • Now in your webmail section, you will find a variety of mail programs to allow you manage your Mail.
  • Now every program will request you to feed in your username and domain name to login, along with the password
  • (For example: if your username is info and your domain name is info.com then your login name will be info@info.com)

  • Choose the program, as per your choice. (Let us assume that you select the squirrel mail.)
  • Post this, explore the Squirrel Mail and set your preferences
  • On the top horizontal menu, click on the ‘option’ button to configure the ways your mail can be managed and interface can be set up.
  • In the same menu, the folder menus is to create sub folders
  • With addresses, you may also add addresses.

Explore more to find more ways to manage your webmail.

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