Web Mail (Horde Mail)

Webmail (Horde) in Plesk using Plesk Hosting

Using Webmail was not so easy earlier as it is now and all this have become possible due to CPanel because CPanel contains all those facilities which will assist you in using Webmail.

  • Login to your Plesk Web Hosting account with correct username and password.
  • Go to the left side of the screen and click on ‘Home’, under the General section
  • Click Mail, under the section of Services
  • Click the webmail tab adjacent to the Mailbox needed to be managed

You may set your preferences in your Horde webmail interface anytime as pre your ease:

  • Import the contacts from your Outlook Express
  • Manual addition of a new contact
  • And more

In the end, send yourself a test mail to check that the process has been completed successfully. For more detailed information on the same, please go through out very illustrative video tutorial.

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