Webmail (Web based E-mail Services)

Webmail (Web based E-mail Services)

The term ‘Webmail’ describes two things in general, one is a webmail client and other is an e-mail service. Webmail client is an email client that acts as a web application and accessed via a web browser. Another term is known as an email service, offered through a web site like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail etc.

Most of the web hosting services providers offer email access by a webmail client or desktop email client using standard email protocols. Web based e-mail services are available round the clock with the help of a web browser. This is the biggest advantage it earns over the desktop mail client. Almost every standard web mail offer a wide range of features including message attachments, multiple recipients, graphics and colors etc.

Advantages of Webmail services:

Illustrated below are the major benefits of web based e-mail services offered.

  • Allows round-the-clock mail access using browser using internet.
  • No additional software needed to access e-mails.
  • Countless customization options to make mail program trendy and convenient.
  • No need to own your own resource viz. computer and live internet connection.
  • Provider based unlimited storage space

Drawbacks of a Webmail service:

Beyond all the advantages quoted above, a webmail has certain shortcomings as well.

  • Users can’t change the interface already provided by the provider.
  • Users can’t access mails without an active internet connection.
  • Speed of the mail download entirely depends upon the speed of internet.
  • No potential way to recover a removed or deleted e-mail.

Some of the well-known Web mail services are:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • AOL
  • Email
  • Sify

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