Website Backing/Restore

Backing Up and restoring files / website on Plesk Hosting Control Panel

You can have a back up and facility of restoring your files without any major hurdle so if you desire to have facility of back up and restoring the files then hire a service of End User Tutorials.

  • Log in to your Plesk Web Hosting account
  • Click the “Back Up” tab to reach the main back up page
  • Schedule a backup by clicking on “Schedule Backup” button
  • Feed in requested details about time and frequency
  • Select the count of files to be stored
  • Submit a prefix for backed up files
  • To get notification, enter your correct email address
  • Hit “OK”
  • Return to “Schedule Backup” area
  • Click to enable the scheduled back up
  • Go back to the backup manager
  • Click “Back Up Now” for instant back up
  • As soon as the backup is created, press OK
  • Go right and hit ‘download’ button to download the backup

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