Zimbra Email Hosting

Zimbra Email Hosting Collaboration Suite V6.O

Zimbra Email Hosting IndiaBrainPulse Technologies brings to you Zimbra collaboration suite; a next-generation messaging and collaboration solution with an AJAX Web Client. Zimbra is an advanced business-oriented Email hosting solution and collaboration suite, our Zimbra hosted solution not only lets you communicate with your clients globally, but also gives your business an extra edge through advanced collaboration features.

Zimbra Email Hosting Plans

Zimbra Mail Feature Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Mail Space 10GB 30GB 50GB 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email ID’s 25 50 100 200
Anti spam/Antivirus Support Available Available Available Available
Price/Month Rs. 5000 Rs. 8500 Rs. 12500 Rs. 22500

Core Features of Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Zimbra Web Client Features

AJAX-based end user interface
Rich, interactive, web-based interface for end user functions (access via HTTP or HTTPS)
Ability to customize the colors and appearance of the web interface
Drag/Drop with drag context
Ability to drag/drop items, with dynamic indicators of the number of items being dragged and valid drop zones
Auto-complete addresses
Addresses auto-complete as they are being typed, including a dynamically updated selection dialog when multiple addresses match
Ability to quickly categorize messages, contacts, and/or documents by attaching “Tags” with user defined names and colors
Mobile XHTML
interface for iPhone and other devices

Zimbra Email Hosting Features

Maintain local compatibility with all your external or third party POP and IMAP clients.
Anti Spam & Antivirus Protection
Clam AntiVirus, an antivirus engine used for scanning email messages and … Anti-Spam Protection. SpamAssassin and DSPAM are spam filters bundled with ZCS
Offers best in breed, high security features including incorporated spam and virus scanning (SpamAssassin / ClamAV) along with automatic definition updates. As per the requirement, avail the facility to easily plug-in other third party services.
Resource auto-respond
Ability to configure a resource to auto-respond to scheduling requests based on availability
Quota indicator
Visual indicator of quota and amount of quota consumed

Zimbra Collaboration Features

Import/export contacts in CSV format
Ability to import/export Contacts in .csv format
Tasks and Briefcase:
Ability to maintain a thorough track of task progress, priority, and comprehensiveness. Eliminate the messy attachments and store your files in folders.
Advance Email Search:
Facility to procure advance ‚ÄúSearch Builder” interface for creating and saving complex, multi – clauses searches
Rich Web Document authoring
Ability to create rich web Documents with WYSIWYG or HTML editing
Multiple calendars per mailbox
Ability for a user to create multiple calendars within a single account
Share with Internal Users and Groups
Ability to share Address Books, Calendars, Briefcase and Notebooks (Documents) with internal users and groups (read or write access)

Communicate with Zimbra

In a short duration of 4 years, Zimbra has crossed over the huge milestone of reaching 50 million paid mailboxes. According to ComScore, Zimbra is successfully serving 31.4 million users in the United States. The Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a powerful, scalable, email hosting and collaboration solution suitable for various enterprises ranging from small & medium to corporate giants.

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